Registering for childbirth

You can register for childbirth from the 33rd week of pregnancy in our registration clinic, where the obstetric documentation will be drawn up. After that, depending on the agreement with your outpatient gynecologist, you can attend our pregnancy clinic until delivery or come to the maternity ward reception for delivery or recommended hospitalization. It is always necessary to make an appointment for the first visit by phone at 315 639 370. The registration ambulance is located on the ground floor of Building T.

You can also register electronically from week 14 at or We are very grateful that you have chosen our maternity ward. We look forward to seeing you and your baby.

Umbilical cord blood collection

If you are interested in umbilical cord blood collection, please inform us during registration or at the maternity ward reception.

Reception for childbirth

For your scheduled appointment, come to the gynecology and obstetrics outpatient clinic on the ground floor of Building T.

In case of unscheduled arrival for delivery before 3:30 p.m., please also use the Ambulance Reception, ground floor of Building T, or use the bells marked BIRTH ROOMS, BIRTH HALLS located directly in the entrance to Building T on the ground floor, between the glass doors, and await the arrival of the staff who will take you to the appropriate floor.

Accompaniment to childbirth

Your partner, another person close to you, a doula, or a midwife may be with you throughout the birth (up to a maximum of 2 people). The close person is trained and familiarized with the birth process by the midwife present. The doula is a specially trained woman for alternative birth, but she does not provide medical services; these are provided only by the midwife and doctor present.

Photography or the use of a camera is possible by arrangement. If the father-partner present is interested, he can cut the umbilical cord or mark the newborn immediately after birth.

Delivery room

The maternity hospital has seven separate delivery rooms and one operating room. The delivery rooms are newly designed, they are apartment type with a relaxation zone.

They offer comfort, privacy, intimacy and convenience to the parents and their attendants throughout the birth without compromising the safety of the mother and baby.

The delivery rooms allow so-called alternative birth management.  Each delivery room has its own massage shower and toilet.

We use relaxation aids and techniques supporting analgesia and relaxation of the pelvic floor, e.g. gymnastic BALLS, BATHING STOOLS, BIRTH TABLES, ROPES, MULTITRACK, RELAXATION BATH, MATS, MASSAGE ROLLERS.

Of course there is the CHOICE OF RELAXATION POSITION during the first and second period of labour, the use of RELAXATION MUSIC or music of your choice, AROMATHERAPY, HOT WATER SHOWERING. We allow you to choose your birthing position using a special birthing bed. We perform enemas and shaving only as needed in consultation with the parent. We respect the individual wishes of the parents written in the birth plan.

According to the wishes of the parent and the doctor’s office, it is possible to choose to relieve labor pain with medication. It is also possible to use the method of local anesthesia – the so-called PARACERVICAL BLOCK. A quick and effective method that is performed during a vaginal examination. It relieves pain and relaxes the birth canal. It is also possible to use pain control using EPIDURAL ANALGESIA, which we offer according to the current staffing possibilities of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Unit. These methods are covered by health insurance.

As extra services for the patient’s payment (see price list) we offer:

  • For pain relief we offer ENTHONOX – inhalation of nitrous oxide enriched with oxygen.
  • Dianatal gel – facilitates the passage of the baby through the birth canal, reduces the risk of birth injuries, shortens the second period of labor.

In case of a complicated delivery, there is a separate operating theatre in the immediate vicinity of the delivery rooms, where a caesarean section may be performed. Thanks to the 24-hour on-call service, two doctors from the gynecology and obstetrics department and an anesthetist are always ready to perform the necessary surgery. Subsequently, a fully equipped intensive care unit is available to ensure the maximum postoperative care. Mothers are in ICU care for about 24 hours after surgery. During this time, the baby is kept in the neonatology ward and brought to the mother regularly, according to the baby’s needs. Or the baby is in daddy’s care in a superior room.

Our maternity ward allows dads to be present at the birth of the baby even in the case of a cesarean delivery directly in the operating room. Immediately after the end of the procedure, the mother is transferred together with her baby to the designated delivery room, where the newborn is attached to the mother’s breast, thus ensuring maximum support for breastfeeding development even for mothers after surgical delivery.

Postnatal care for the baby

We support BONDING – early contact between the mother and her child, which is important for establishing a proper emotional bond between mother and child, and if the mother wishes and the child’s condition allows it, we place the newborn on the mother’s body immediately after birth. Part of the nursing procedures can be performed on the mother’s body. Subsequent treatment of the baby takes place in the delivery room in the presence of the parents and possible assistance of the father.

After the birth, the mother and the baby (if the baby’s health allows it) stay in the delivery room for 2 hours under the control of a pediatric nurse and a midwife. The mother and her newborn are then transferred to the inpatient ward of the hospital. Here we implement the “roming-in” system, which means that the baby is always with its mother from birth. From the first moments we also support breastfeeding as much as possible. Midwives will advise you on hygiene in the six-week period, breastfeeding and breast care, and diet for breastfeeding mothers. It is possible to start exercising in the sixth week under the guidance of a rehabilitation nurse who comes daily. The health condition of the baby is monitored and the staff of the neonatology department helps with the care of the newborn. The aim of the wet nurses is to support the development of lactation as much as possible and to help every mother to breastfeed. During their stay in the maternity ward, mothers learn how to take care of their baby, attend a lecture on breastfeeding and have the opportunity to learn about massage and positioning techniques for newborns.

Mothers with babies are usually discharged home on the 3rd day after a spontaneous delivery, and on the 4th day after a caesarean section.

The neonatal (neonatology) unit provides care for newborns with a physiological course as well as those who require increased care and treatment. It is within its ability and competence to care for children born from the 34th week of pregnancy.

Accommodation and departmental facilities

The maternity ward has a total of 8 standard rooms and 19 superior rooms (including 5 family rooms).

Standard rooms are always two connected rooms and have shared bathroom facilities. Every room has a television and internet connection. A maximum of two mothers are accommodated here, so they have more privacy, more space and more peace. Each room has new modern furniture with built-in fridge and also equipment for babies, e.g. changing table, bath tub. Babies have special, modern, adjustable cots that are light, adjustable in height and mobile.

Superior rooms are single rooms with private bathroom, they are equipped with an adjustable bed and modern furniture. There is a kitchenette, fridge, kettle, air conditioning, TV, internet connection and everything needed for the parent and her child. Superior rooms can accommodate one family member or loved one.

The family-type rooms are equipped with a double bed with a medical mattress, comfortable for both mom and dad. Modern furniture, kitchenette with fridge and kettle and air conditioning. There is also a TV, internet connection and complete accessories for mother and newborn. Telephone line directly to the Neonatology Department, in case of a call for immediate care of the baby. These are hotel-type rooms, which are also equipped with a bathrobe for mom, shower gel and hairdryer. Dimmable, discreet lighting allows mom to check on baby immediately, even at night. In both rooms there is a scale for newborns, breathing monitors, baby bathing takes place in specially shaped sinks. The rooms are designed to allow unlimited visits.

Visits to the mothers’ rooms are from 14:00 – 18:00, during which time it is also possible to use the visiting room.

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